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Our Technical Support specialists are available for advanced telephone support at the numbers listed below. For all known issues you will be directed to refer to our Support page so please consult that prior to calling our Help line.

Innovative Technology

1 Channel Drive
Port Washington, NY 11050

Phone: 877.ITECH97 (877.483.2497)
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To request spare parts, including needles, slide holders, remotes, adapters, manuals, cables and drivers, please click the Support + Parts button.

Manual Downloads


Model # Description Downloads
ITCDS-5000 CD Stereo System with Bluetooth
ITRR-501 Retro 6-in-1 Wooden Music Center
ITUT-400 Modern Design USB Turntable
ITUT-5000 Vintage USB Turntable
ITVS-200 5-in-1 Nostalgic Entertainment Center
ITVS-200B 6-in-1 Bluetooth Nostalgic Entertainment Center
ITVS-750 The Aviator 6-in-1 Wooden Music Center
ITVS-750B The Aviator 7-in-1 Bluetooth Wooden Music Center
ITVS-750s Vintage Wooden Stand
ITVS-850i iPad Aviator

Suitcase Turntables

Model # Description Downloads
ITVS-550 3-Speed Vintage Turntable
ITVS-550BT 3-Speed Vintage Bluetooth Turntable

Justin Power Products

Model # Description Downloads
JA-300-2000 2,000mAh Power Bank with 12V Adaptor
JA-310 3-in-1 Car Adaptor
JA-340 4 Port Auto Power Adaptor
JB-10-5200 5,200mAh Power Bank with LCD Display
JB-20-6000 6,000mAh Power Bank with Built-In Stand
JB-30-10000 10,000mAh Power Bank
JB-80-5200 5,200mAh Power Bank with Built-In Connectors
JS-160-2200 2,200mAh Round Power Stick
JS-180-2600 2,600mAh Power Stick with Built-In Connectors
JS-190-2200 2,200mAh Power Stick Travel Pack-Up
JS-350-2200B 2,200mAh Round Power Stick (2 Pack)
JT-210-2000 2,000mAh Slim Power Bank

Bluetooth Speakers

Model # Description Downloads
HUH-106 Wooden Cube Speaker
ITSB-200 Tower Stereo System
ITSB-201-37 Stereo Soundbar (37”)
ITSB-203B Countertop Speaker
ITSB-250 Tower Stereo System with USB Charging Port
ITSB-300 Tower Stereo with Piano Finish
ITSB-300W Wooden Tower Stereo
ITSB-332 Countertop Bluetooth Speaker
ITW-105 Round Bluetooth Speaker

Cases & Keyboards

Model # Description Downloads
ITIP-100 Ultra Slim Folio Case Designed for iPad mini
ITIP-200 Ultra Slim Folio Case Designed for iPad
ITIP-4000 Traditional iPad Case with Keyboard
ITIP-5200 iPad Mini Case with Keyboard
ITIP-7200A / ITIP-7200M Molded iPad Case with Keyboard
ITIP-7300A / ITIP-7300M Classic iPad Case with Keyboard
ITIP-7500 / ITIP-7500M Ultra Thin Case with Keyboard
ITIP-7700U / ITIP-7700UM Universal Tablet Case with Keyboard
ITIP-8200 Ultra Slim iPad Case with Keyboard
ITIP-8800 iPad Grip Case with Keyboard
ITK-800 Bluetooth Keyboard with Travel Pouch

Personal Audio

Model # Description Downloads
ITHP-800 Classic Headphones
ITHW-858 Wireless Headphones
ITHW-858B Wireless Headphones with Earbuds

Justin Power Cases

Model # Description Downloads
ITJ-4230 Traditional Power Case Designed for iPad
ITJ-4231 Ultra-Slim Power Case Designed for iPad
ITJ-4238 Compact Power Case Designed for iPad
ITJ-4241U Universal Design Power Case for 8.9"-10.1" Tablets
ITJ-4241UK / ITJ-4243UK Universal Tablet Power Case with Keyboard
ITJ-4243U Universal Design Power Case for 7" Tablets
ITJ-4246U Universal Synthetic Leather Power Case for 7" Tablets
ITJ-4250 / ITJ-4251M iPad Power Case
ITJ-4255 / ITJ-4256M iPad Power Case
J-1AK / J-2MK Classic iPad Power Case with Keyboard
JP-140-3000i 3,000mAh iPhone Power Case

Henley Brand Gifts

Model # Description Downloads
HB-131 Karaoke Machine
HB-133 Mini Vacuum Cleaner
HB-134 Be Prepared - Emergency Roadside Flasher
HG-101 Telescoping Tool Set
HG-103 Lighted Pocket Magnifier
HG-106 Classic Brass Tire Gauge
HG-107 Lighted Metal Magnifier

Discontinued Models

Model # Description Downloads
IT-6022 Orbit Docking Station for iPod
ITAT-250 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers
ITBB-1980i Digital Mix Maker for iPod
ITBB-1980iP 1980’s Boom Box
ITBB-600 MP3 Boom Box
ITBB-601 CD Boom Box
ITCR-3000 Cassette to MP3 Converter with FM Radio
ITCR-600 Retro Flip Clock with Alarm & AM/FM Radio
ITCW-111 ClockWise Voice Recognition Travel Alarm Clock
ITFC-606 Flip Clock
ITGR-102 Water Clock
ITGS-400 Phone Amplifier
ITGS-450 Photo Dialer
ITGS-454 Wireless Portable Doorbell with Indicator Light
ITGS-460 Personal Sound Amplifier
ITGS-461 Foldable Shopping Tote with Handle and Wheels
ITGS-462 Wireless Indoor Motion Lights
ITGS-9003 Wall Panic Alarm
ITGSH-150 IR Wireless Headphones
ITGSH-300 RF Wireless Headphones
ITIP-333 Car Clip Holder Designed for iPad
ITIP-444 Wireless In-Car Tablet Entertainment System
ITITV-2012 Dock & View
ITIU-730 Under-Cabinet iPad Stereo
ITIU-760 Under-Cabinet iPad Dock
ITKB-111 Roll-Up Keyboard
ITKC-100 Digital Keychain
ITKC-500 Digital Keychain
ITL-745 TuneLight
ITLC-456 Laptop Cooling Pad with Speakers
ITMP-505 MP3 Player
ITPT2GO-1 Party to Go
ITR-155 Party to Go
ITR-155iP Party to Go for iPod & iPhone
ITRR-301 5-in-1 USB Turntable
ITRR-700 Retro USB Turntable
ITRS-600 USB Turntable Suitcase
ITSR-111 Shower Radio
ITSS-00CA Auto Dialer (Canada Only)
ITSS-9000 Complete Wireless Home Alarm System
ITSS-9008 Key Lock Box
ITSS-9009 Parking Attendant
ITSS-9200 5 in 1 Motion Sensor Alarm
ITSS-9300 Portable Safe
ITSS-9500 Laptop Lock and Personal Alarm
ITST-10 Weather Station
ITST-11 Travel Mug Set
ITST-12 Digital Tire Gauge
ITST-14 Wine Bottle Set
ITST-15 Speaker Horn
ITST-16 Roadside Toolkit
ITST-18 Tripod Flashlight
ITST-20 Universal Remote
ITST-23 4-Piece Travel Bag Set
ITST-24 Memo Organizer
ITST-28 Wet/Dry Trimmer
ITST-29 Shoe Shine Kit
ITST-34 12V Auto Vacuum
ITST-36 24-LED Lantern
ITUT-201 USB Turntable
ITUT-300 DJ Style USB Turntable
ITUT-301 USB Turntable with LCD
ITVS-325 Retro 4-in-1 Turntable
ITVS-650 Retro 5-in-1 Turntable